past the fall



Past The Fall is a 3 Piece Groove Metal band from London England, with Will Wright on Bass/Vocals, Thomas Cope on Guitars, and Matt Cope on Drums.

Past The Fall was formed by Tom Cope and Will Wright in 2011, after the dissolution of their previous bands from the UK Thrash Scene, which saw them share the stage with luminaries such as Evile, Fell Silent, Mendeed, Mutant, Pitiful Reign and Headless Cross (the previous incarnation of Savage Messiah), and travel the length and breadth of England and Europe.

The underground metallers decided to team up together to create a new band in a different direction, away from straight up thrash, to something more individual, eager to bring to the world a band with songs, soul and groove coupled with the aggression of thrash.

Soon after the bands inception they joined forces with the young Drummer Marco Antonio, a Bolivian who has not only pursued music from across the globe, but has also cut his teeth on London’s session scene.

After completing their initial line-up, a demo quickly followed to demonstrate their genesis receiving positive reviews, online airplay as well as featuring a track on the cover CD of Zero Tolerance magazine!

After a few shows to polish there performance and songs, the band began work on their debut EP ‘Beggars At The Liars Banquet’. Unfortunately it was at this point that the band had to amicably part ways with Drummer Marco due to his personal commitments, Thomas’s brother Matt stepped in to complete the recording on Drums which lead to a chemistry from the brothers who had grown up playing together, that produced a greater sound, which has naturally translated in to him performing live with the band. The finished mixes were mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (Faith no more/Tesseract) at the world famous Metropolis Mastering Studios in West London. The artwork was produced by the immensely talented Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy/Grave) at Twilight 13 Media.

The EP was released Summer 2013, and the band spent the rest of the year securing a distribution deal for the record, producing and releasing a music video for the track ‘Injustice’ whilst receiving positive reviews from Terrorizer Magazine (as well as a track on there cover CD) and other online metal reviews.

Come 2014 and the band have hit the road to take message to where it matters most- the fans and metal heads around the globe that keep it heavy!