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Formed as an acoustic duo in early 2010, William ‘Cadence’ Richardson, and Adrien ‘Noir’ Perrie, jammed around Nottingham’s open mic scenes with their own material, adding each others style to Williams blues/jazz and Adrien’s country/rock, before meeting and enlisting Emma on violin in early 2011 and later following a chance encounter with her friend Tom on bass, and ex work colleague of Adrien’s, Rob Bartlam on drums. Having been a 5 piece for over 2 years, practicing together regularly and gigging rigorously around the country with their new original material. Citing influences from an eclectic background of music, Cadence Noir play with their own inimitable style with a gothic flare on bluegrass, country and jazz, and provide one hell of a live show, combining vicious accuracy, and a nuclear delivery, miss them at your peril!

William Richardson – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Adrien Perrie – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Emma Bennett – Electric Violin
Tom Smith – Bass Guitar
Robert Bartlam – Drums and Percussion

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